December 30, 2012

Hey guys, 
So yes, once again I have been lacking on the posts but I guarantee that more will be up in the new year as I'm getting a new camera and hopefully all of my posts will be better quality. I'm also planning on re-naming my blog but I don't have many ideas yet?! and I'm going to be posting more OOTD's and just fashion related posts.

Okay, so moving on.. Last Tuesday (11th Dec) I was lucky enough to be able to go to the Clothes Show Live that's held in the NEC. It was amazing! Seriously, I can't express how fun it was and you really need to go their for yourself. I highly recommend it. For those of you who don't know much about what it actually is well, it's basically one massive market. There are literally thousands of different stalls selling everything from clothes to makeup to hair products. Also, big branded names are there as well such as Barry M, Models Own, OPI, Juicy Couture etc and all of their products have major discounts which, if you're into your bargains and cheap products then I would absolutely recommend visiting the clothes show next year. During the day you also get to go to the fashion show. It was so beautiful and the outfits that were worn are all available to purchase on the website! The fashion show was so much fun and wasn't too serious so all of the models had a little bit of a laugh and even at the end they played "gangnam style" and all of the models were dancing. Overall, it was a genuinely nice day and I can't wait to go back next year!

Unfortunately I didn't get any photos from the fashion show as I thought I had my camera on charge overnight but the switch was turned off so when I went to use my camera it was completely dead :( however, I have decided to do a little haul of the stuff that I purchased and stuff that came free!

This is my ticket and yes! it was only £20, soooooo sooo cheap for the amazing day out that I had. The reason why it was only £20 is because I went with my college so we all got a discount, if you're looking to buy a ticket for next year then they're around roughly £25 - £35 which is still reasonably cheap! 

I got 4 Models Own nail polishes for just £10! I was over the moon when I found out that I could get them so cheap. The 4 colours that I got were Juicy Jules, Dream Stream and Concrete Mixer.

I then bought a really cute vintage jumper which I am absolutely in love with! It will definitely be something really easy and simple to throw on with a pair of jeans!


I also bought a company and cosmo goody back which was only £2! I know unbelievably cheap right? It came with such good goodies as well. So, all for £2 I received a copy of cosmo and company, jelly beans, Kleenex shine absorbing sheets, Rimmel traffic stopping eyeshadow trio and a sample of Aveeno skin relief Shea butter. Bargain!

I finally bought a Barry M goodie bag which absolutely has to be the steal of the day! When I tell you how much I got 13 pieces of makeup for you won't believe me.. £5 Yep, absolutely crazy! I got 3 retro nail polishes in the shades retro 1 pink, np 244 and retro 4 coral. All of them are utterly gorgeous! I also got 3 kohl eyeliners in shades 22,  21 and 13, loose body glitter in shade 1, limited edition lip gloss, gold glitter stick, 2 dazzle dusts in shades 89 and 82, emerald green lengthening mascara and a glitter pigment in beige.

Overall, I had an amazing time and definitely recommend that you go! I will definitely be going again next year.

Hugs and kisses, Hannah xx

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  1. Wow looks like you had so much fun at the clothes show!!
    I havent been in years, I really want to go again soon!
    Love your blog, New follower :D

    Coral. x