Small-ish makeup haul

February 26, 2015

Right, so I'm browsing the isle of the ever so classy Poundland looking for hair spray when I happen to come across their makeup section. Now, I'm not a lover of cheap makeup however, I have discovered the second best thing in the world (the first best thing being marshmallow fluff) - they now stock a range of popular branded drugstore makeup! For example they've now got Rimmel, Maybelline, NYC etc.

I couldn't believe my eyes, I looked and rummaged through everything and picked out a couple of bits that were absolute bargains.

I got a few other bits from Superdrug and beauty base in Westfield which were bargains as well, so basically this whole haul is one massive bargain hunters dream.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance
Shimmering Sand

Whilst I was browsing the isles of my local pound land I came across this little gem! It's by Rimmel and it's part of their 'Wake Me Up' makeup range. It's almost like a sheer foundation with a subtle shimmer. For me personally I use it with my Maybelline Fit Me Foundation as I find it's not enough coverage for this time of year however in the summer or on holiday with a nice tan I definitely won't be afraid to use it alone. It works great under foundation and when I use it I don't need to use any highlighter as it gives a natural dewy glow to my complexion. Overall, I really reccomend going down to your local pound land and looking out for this bargain! At £1 you really can't go wrong.

Osiris Avisé CC Cream

I also came across this little treasure! Like I said before it's from my local pound land and it's basically a CC Cream that I found works best using as a primer or using a few dots here and there where needed. It doesn't have a great opaqueness however I usually use my Maybelline Baby Skin primer and then let it settle for a couple of minutes and if I notice I've got redness in my cheeks or any others area I'll just dab a little bit on and it gets rid of it straight away and looks flawless under foundation.

LA Colours Jumbo Eye Pencil
Sun Kissed - Bronze
• Sea Shells - White
• Vacation - Burgandy Glitter
• Salt Water - Silver
£1 each

Right, I literally can not explain my love for these! They're actually SO amazing and you just have to go and buy them right now. I promise you it will be one of the best moments of your life. Okay so enough rambling on about how good they are! They're from a shop in Westfield called Beauty Base and they have tonnes and tonnes of makeup from as little as £1 ahhhh I just can't get over how amazing the quality of these eye pencils are. I prefer to use them under my eyeshadow and so they act as a sort of primer. They don't crease and they last for so long. It's just unreal.

MUA Blusher

Well, any MUA makeup item really speaks for itself seeing as it's always cheap and has great pigmentation and it's high quality for the price. I saw this blusher when I was in town looking for bits and bobs and I just fell in love! The colour is amazing and so vibrant and pigmented! Ah, I'm just in love with it and I think I fell in love with it even more because of it being named Marshmallow. I seriouslyrecommend it as it's such a lovely shade for spring and summer and it's got subtle hints of gold shimmer and leaves an underlying pink and gold shimmer. For me it's a really bold choice and I would never pick something like this usually but I definitely am so happy that I did decide to pick it up because it's such a buildable colour and just adds such a nice finish to your makeup. 

I know I only got a few things but rest assured I will be back.



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  1. Awesome post! Nice products. will definitely try this out :)