Summer Destination Bucket List

November 25, 2016

I told you I'd be back! So, here I am with a most probably late kind of blog post seeing as there is only one more month left of summer but, I thought I'd let you all know my top 3 summer bucket list locations. Unfortunately I haven't been lucky enough to have a holiday this year however, me and my boyfriend are saving up for a nice weekend away nearer Christmas time so for now all I can do is lust over these gorgeous places and maybe even give you some inspiration of new places to explore and adventure.

1) Paris

I would love more than anything to visit Paris. I have been once before but that was on a school trip several years ago and it mainly consisted of the typical 'English tourist' activities. I really want to just go and explore the heart of Paris and can imagine myself walking along roads filled with gorgeous boutiques and the smell of sweet sweet croissants drifting down the street. Now doesn't that sound like a dream? 

2) Venice

Who wouldn't want to visit Venice? I mean come on, long flowing canals filled with old fashioned men singing and playing their hand-crafted instruments (trying to make up for the fact I've forgotten the name of the instruments they do actually play). Not to mention the gondola trips up and down the beautiful city as well as the most amazing pizza ever to touch your mouth. 

3) Miami

Last but not least, Miami. It doesn't really seem to tie in with the romantic sort of vibe that my other two destinations portray however, there is something so so so enchanting about Miami. From the crazy night life to the immense amount of shops there really is something for everyone. Including their ever so famous Venice Beach. Miami has long been a dream of mine since I was about 10 years old. I'll see you soon Miami.

So there we have it my 3 summer bucket list destinations. Although this year it looks like none of them will be happening hopefully with enough planning and saving I can make my dreams come true next year! 

Leave your dream summer destinations below I'd love to discover places I wouldn't have thought of! 

Hannah xx

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  1. Paris is an amazing city! I'd love to go to Miami and Venice! Miami has been on my list since I was about 10 too! I think it's possible that I might go to Venice next year but Miami is looking unlikely at the moment! Iceland, Santorini, Australia, Japan, New York and Los Angeles are also on my list of places to visit!

  2. Great post! I would also love to see Venice and I want to go to Paris as many times as possible.

  3. I would love to visit Paris and Venice, I really want to travel around Europe and see all the cities. Lovey blog post :)

  4. We have the exact same taste in summer destinations. I am desperate to get away soon but no holiday for me until later in the year. Have you managed to go to any of them yet? or book any of them? x

  5. Love this post!! so many gorgeous places! Venice is so beautiful :)

  6. Greece is the perfect destination for summer!!! You should visit at least once in your life a greek island, you will be amazed by the beautiful beaches, the hospitality and the food, oh god, the food is amazing!!!! x